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Title: More Than a Walk

Artist: John Boye

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The word was the beginning, let’s go back in time

Got bad nerves tryin’ to be perfect, I swear every time

This is more than a walk, it’s like a marathon

Used to have high hopes, and low expectations

The only thing I expect from me now is greatness

Life’s a test, and I’m just tryin’ to ace it

Put your combat boots on, don’t forget to lace it

Found out the truth after coming out of the matrix

The conclusion’s I’ve drawn, Most of ya’ll can’t trace it.

I know basically, that I’m more than basic

It ain’t up for discussion, but they still want to debate it

We’re rich, ain’t got no fear of getting robbed,

What we do to em’

They gon’ need more than a demolition squad

I pray for israel, who the world loves not

Screaming free us till my lungs catch a blood clot


This is more than a walk for me

It’s more than a walk for me

(yeah yeah… yeah) (use parentheses to indicate a voice in the background)

It’s more than a walk for me

I say it’s more than a walk for me

Come and talk with me

Take a walk with me

And I’ll explain why this is more than a walk for me

Checking off prophecy as it comes to pass

Never got fractions, when it comes to math

But I do know one third is less than half

Sad truth, that’s a small number


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