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Shalom and Welcome to Israelite Lyrics .com. The enemy uses Evil Communications through worldly music to manipulate us and keep us in the Babylonian mindset. Their worldly lyrics are found all over the web. Our Hebrew Israelite artists (singers and rappers) are full of talent and need a place to have their Hebrew Israelite truth music lyrics posted. They are doing a great work. Truth Music is a great way to wake our people up and keep us away from worldly BS.

Websites like Rap genius .com, azlyrics .com, lyrics .com, and others don’t take time to add spiritually beneficial songs to their sites, so Israelite Lyrics .com does it.


My plan for

I plan on doing an upload method where an artist or fan can post lyrics to a song they love. Send the truth music lyrics along with a link to the song. That would help dramatically. To upload lyrics go here.

Site Rules and Guidelines:

No negative comments. We get enough push back from the other nations and our own people who are not in the truth.

No camp wars. No one camp will have all their song lyrics posted here.

I’m one person, so please be patient with requests and emails. To be honest, I can’t respond to everything. I try not favor one artist or camp over another but obviously everyone has their preferences. I simply can’t post every song from every artist alone.

Israelite Truth Music Lyrics:

Soldier Of The Lord

Artist: Judah Mack Listen to the Song: Support the Artist: Truth Lyrics:   [Intro] Ahayah (x6) . Yeah Captivity got me living in

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Keep the Commandments

Artist: Chaazawan Listen to the song: Support the artist: ,$Chaazawan   Truth Music Lyrics:   If there’s one thing I’ve learned, as

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Many are Called

Artist: Neariah Judah Ft Zemira & Yawan Listen to the song: Support the artist: Unknown   Truth Lyrics:   [Intro] Many are called Few

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More Than a Walk

Artist: John Boye Listen to the song: Support the artist: PAYPAL or cash app $johnboye   Truth Lyrics:   To make

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